IRS & NC Department of Revenue audit representation


We meet with the auditor so you do not have to. We organize and present client source documents so that they feed directly to the tax return. This is crucial in building credibility. We inform you about possible results of the audit and the serious nature of the audit process.

When the auditor presents an audit report (which is a proposed change to the client tax return), we carefully review it to make sure that it is mathematically correct and that we have exhausted all possible arguments.

Many times, we send the report back to the auditor for revisions and in some cases, multiple times. In some cases, a client fails to respond to an audit request and the IRS disallows all of the items being reviewed and sends a bill to the client. We can request an audit reconsideration which is a process that reopens the audit and allows the client another chance to submit supporting documentation.

Responding to the IRS & state Departments of Revenue letters is another important service we offer. It is very important for clients to review additional tax or penalty assessment letters. Many of the letters contain errors due to timing, matching or input issues or crossing in the mail with payments, etc. Some clients are so alarmed by a letter that they pay the requested balance without any review.

In one recent case, a retired client received an IRS letter requesting $2,033 and paid it. He brought the letter to us a few weeks later and asked us to put it in his file. We reviewed it and quickly determined that he only owed $682. We wrote a letter to IRS and the client received a refund of $1,342!

When the situation warrants it, we suggest a letter be written to reduce the proposed assessment. We write many letters asking for abatement (decrease) of penalties. More complex cases can be handled on contingency so the client pays nothing until we deliver results!

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