Bookkeeping Services


A. M. Payne and Associates provides Bookkeeping Services on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis which can include the entire accounting cycle from entering checks to producing financial statements and tax filings. We also provide bill paying services for clients. By utilizing our bookkeeping services you will have timely reports, which are vital to the business decision making process, and you will be able to quickly identify and react when account balances, percentages, or ratios fall outside your expectations. Banks, vendors, and others can quickly be provided with reports when there is a need to quantify business operations. Tax return filing is much quicker (and less costly) when data is entered and analyzed monthly. We will also provide suggestions to help streamline and protect your data gathering and reporting tasks.

This not only helps reduce your accounting related expenses but also provides you with effective controls throughout the accounting cycle. Many of our clients use QuickBooks for part or all of their accounting needs and then hire us to produce financial statements. We have certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors and can help setup, streamline and troubleshoot your files.

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